Embroidered Hood Based on Quilt of Tristam (14th C)

August 27, 2010 at 11:33 am (Current Projects, Sewing and Garb, Tristam Hood) ()

So its time for a new project!  I realize I haven’t updated any of my old projects yet, but I might as well start updating on my current ideas before I end up even further behind! I have greatly enjoyed working on the embroidered pouches that I’ve done, and I love the hood that I completed this past spring, but one aspect of these projects that was nagging at me was that I had little foundation for the designs I’d chosen.  I chose them because they were pretty and simple and I felt they were a good way to increase my experience and use the color schemes I’d been hoping to use.  But I wanted my next project to have a better basis for design.

With this in mind, I set out the other night to find an image to base my next design on.  In the process, I got distracted (Really, is this surprising), and ended up cleaning out a bunch of old documents I had printed when I was looking into quilting a few years ago.  One of those documents held an image that captured my attention and had exactly the type of designs I was looking to use in this project!  Intrigued, I paid a bit more attention to the papers I was paging through, and discovered that the image I was looking at came from a quilt dated to the end of the 14th century!  It was my lucky night– a design I wanted AND it came from the exact time period I was seeking!

So, I am now embarking on a new embroidery project using “The Tristam Quilt” as it is catalogued in the V&A database.  In particular, I am using the rose and vine pattern that can be seen in this image (as well as in many other places in the quilt).

So now that I have  design that I can document to exactly my period, I’d love to take this project up a level and really pay attention to what I’m doing and how that relates to work that can be found from the 14th century.  And I think the best way to start is probably to make a list of those questions that I need to answer before I even really begin any sewing.  I know that I’d like this design to be embroidered on a hood, and I have a general color scheme in mind, but I’d like to research a bit more about how this design would have been used (or at least something similar would have been used, since obviously I’m straying from the design slightly by not turning it into a quilt).  So, onwards to the questions!

1.  What style of hood was common to the 14th century?  (aka, do I really need a liripipe?)

2.  What would the hood have been made of?  (Linen, wool, etc?)  Any color limitations?

3.  Can I document a contrasting color for the lining?  What would it have been made of?

4.  What stitches should I use to sew the hood?  What type of thread?

5.  What stitches would be used in the embroidery?  What type of thread?  Color limitations?


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