Pink, Green, and Purple Embroidered Hood with Elephant

April 18, 2011 at 8:39 pm (Current Projects, Embroidered Hoods, Sewing and Garb)

Cream wool hood to match pouch with flowers and elephants.  Hood is lined in pink wool, and is machine sewn and hand hemmed.  Linen thread (16/2) is used for the embroidery, and the vines are sewn with stem stitch, the leaves are done with back-stitch, and the flowers are outlined in split stitch.

Updated: October 2013– The flowers are done! The lining is sewn!  The hood was able to be worn!  I lined the hood in purple linen, and have photos below of both the finished stitching as well as images from Coronation on Oct 5th (Taken by the wonderful Cateline la Broderesse).

photo-28 photo-29 Hood5


Update:  September 2013– I have crossed the point of no return and begun to fill in the flowers… moving slowly, but determined to finish this hood soon! :)


Update 8-19-2013:  The flowers are all outlined, and the purple centers are all filled in!  All that is left of the embroidery is to fill in the pink flower petals and this will be done!!! :-)

photo-16 photo-18photo-17

Update 5-6-2013: I finished all the vines and leaves!!!!!! Onwards to the flowers!! :)

Update 5-13-2011:  Thus far, this hood is kicking my butt.  I thought I had a system for laying out the design by making a mock up of the design that was hood shaped.  Somehow, when I went to transfer that to the actual hood, the curve was off and it was very hard to get the space between the design and the hem even.  In the future, I think the mock up plan might still work, but I will try to cut the hood with extra length to the hem and just measure that space again when the design is finished.  For this project, I finally managed to get it close, and will be able to hem the hood to make the design look evenly spaced.  The hem will also be a little larger than planned due to scorching a portion of the hood edge (see aforementioned butt kicking by the hood).  Hopefully all will work out in the end.

I tried split stitch in the center of the flowers, and it looked very sloppy.  I’m not sure if its just that the space is too small, or if it was because i was working without a hoop, but it was very frustrating.  Gave up on that for the moment and moved on to the stem stitch, which thus far is going okay.  Decided to work the stem stitch all in one direction rather than deciding which way the vines were growing.  Will upload a few photos tonight if I think of it….

Update 3-14-2013:  Wow…. almost two years later and I’m *still* working on this project, although I’ve made quite a bit of progress and I’m happy to say the end is in sight.  Still no photos, but I will hopefully have some soon.  I have almost completely finished the vine work and the leaves for the pattern, having used stem stitch for the vines and satin stitch to fill in the leaves, and I will then begin outlining all of the flowers in back stitch in order to fill them in as the final step.  While the vine work has taken me at least 6 months to complete, I think the flowers will work faster, and I hope to have this project (finally!) completed by the summer.

Updated 3-17-2013: Pictures!  I finally have pictures!  Here are a few photos showing the pattern on the hood, and an up close image


of the stitching for the vine work as well as the colors for the flowers once I get to that part.

photo-14 photo-13 photo-12


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