Teal Linen Fitted Dress

July 11, 2013 at 10:15 am (Finished Projects, For Myself)

So I was all excited to finally have a picture to add to one of my dress posts, and I came to add the photo and realized I never added any information about this dress!  So this is a teal fitted dress in the same style as the other gowns I’ve posted.  See those posts, and these two websites for more details on gown construction:

http://mathildegirlgenius.com/FittingAndConstruction.htm by Mistress Mathilde Bourette who taught me this technique


http://www.cottesimple.com/ which is also amazing and has a fabulous comparison of straight vs. curved front seams.

So this dress is made from teal linen with eyelets in DMC cotton.  You can see a little of the white linen chemise at the neckline.  I love this dress.  It is soft and comfy and great for hot weather.  And I sincerely thank Albreda Aylese for capturing this photo while I was teaching.



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