Teal Linen Viking with Appliquéd Turtle

June 24, 2012 at 3:49 pm (Finished Projects, For Myself, Sewing and Garb)

This entry is subtitled “Don’t look at all those unfinished projects over there… look at this one I’m just starting over here!”

So I’ve reached that time of year where my persona has a bit of an identity crisis… I love fitted gowns, and hands down, I think nothing beats the look of a nicely fitted 14th century gown…. however, there is very little that beats the ease of being able to put together a viking apron dress in less than 4 hours, thereby yielding a fantastic canvas to have fun and get creative.  Add to that the fact that by their very nature, apron dresses have no sleeves, I have only ever needed to rip and re-sew an apron dress *once*, and I have yet to throw one across the room, and well… the apron dress won this time.

My current project is to embellish a teal linen viking dress with a turtle.  This turtle, to be specific (which is the combination of several different turtle designs):


As of right now, the apron dress is assembled and ready to have the hems marked and cut.  For putting together apron dresses, I use the fantastic pattern by Lady Nastassiia Ivanova Medvedeva, called Tasha, which can be found here.  It works wonderfully.  (See above about never ever throwing one across the room).

I am starting with a cream base for the turtle, and will be layering brown and green fabric to create the pieces of the shell.  I have found from previous projects, that its best to work from the top down, and so I will be starting by blanket-stitching the green pieces of shell to the brown pieces of shell, and then I will blanket stitch those pieces to the cream base.  After that, the entire turtle will be blanket stitched to the dress.  I plan to use linen thread for the stitching.

I am also going to embellish the seams of the viking with the same double herringbone stitching I’ve done previously.  I’d like to play with the spacing a bit this time, though, and see if I can create a different look.  I will also be embellishing the top and bottom hems with a chevron stitch (see here), which I have never tried before.  This stitching is going to be done with DMC cotton, because I’m having trouble finding the colors I want in linen or wool.

So here are a few pictures of cutting out and piecing together the turtle.  The first few are taken on the teal linen to show the color, and the last one is on a flatter surface to try and better place the pieces.

Update 7/5/2012:  I’ve added a photo at the bottom with the “inner shell” pieces all stitched down, and all of the shell pieces in place.  I am now about halfway done stitching down the “outer shell” pieces, and will add a photo of those as soon as they are complete!

Update 8/12/2012:  Its Done!  Its actually been finished for about two weeks now, but I have been forgetting to update.  There are pictures at the bottom of both the completed turtle and the finished dress.  Please forgive the clutter and the wrinkled edges of the apron dress— finally remembering to post meant not having the time to make the pictures a bit more “staged” :-)


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