Navy and Gold Hood with Crenulated Dags (8/21/2011)

August 29, 2011 at 10:25 pm (Finished Projects, For Myself, Sewing and Garb)

This hood was a practice or test hood of adding dags to a hood for a project that involves making approximately 20 hoods for the Queen’s Guard.  The pattern is based on The Medieval Tailors Assistant, and does not have a liripipe as it was requested the hoods be completed without one.  A fabulous description on how to construct a similar hood can be found here.

Since I’d never used this specific pattern before (it’s different from my typical pattern in that it doesn’t have any gores) and I’d never added dags to a hood, I wanted to test it out on my own fabric first, and figured since I was already working on my coronation garb, I’d stick with the navy and gold theme for the practice hood.

The hood panels were cut out, and then left and right sewn together at the front and back for both the outer layer and the lining so that there were two separate hoods with none of the edges hemmed.  The right sides of both hoods were put together with the face opening matching, and the lining was then sewn to the outer layer at the bottom hem, leaving the face still not sewn.

A 3″ square was then used to mark the dags along the bottom stitching, with the dag lining up with the seam.  A 1″ gap was left between each dag.  A second seam was sewn on the chalk lines for each dag, and the fabric in the gaps was cut, seam allowance was trimmed, and the hood was turned right side out through the face opening.  The dags were then pushed out and ironed flat.

The face opening still needs to be sewn (I plan to blanket stitch a hem), but here is the finished project so far (and an extra photo of the 20 other hoods still awaiting their linings and dags!):

Updated 8/29/2011: New picture with blanket stitching of the front opening– blanket stitching was done with gold wool thread (From Ursula’s Alcove).


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