Coronation Garb– September 2011

July 8, 2011 at 11:54 am (Finished Projects, For Myself, Sewing and Garb)

So there is to be a new outfit for Coronation this year… and it has been requested that it be blue and gold or blue and silver/white/grey.  So its time to plan– how to incorporate their chosen era (1411), chosen colors, and make it something that represents my household at the same time?  (Because I’d really like to make something that involves the Tarragon colors/Gryphon, and I think this is the perfect time to do so!)

Current thoughts on what might be fun include:

  • Keeping it simple with a gold linen or wool long sleeved fitted gown under a blue wool overdress that has short sleeves that end in tippets.  This can be combined with a gold or blue hood potentially embroidered with a gryphon
  • A blue wool gown with a gold band around the hem with gottes embroidered of appliquéd on to the band around the hem.  Potentially paired with a blue wool hood with a gryphon
  • A blue wool dress over a gold linen under dress and paired with a blue cloak with gold around the edge an an appliquéd gryphon.
  • A blue wool dress (potentially over a gold base layer) with gold pin on sleeves or a gold surcote.
  • A blue wool dress over a gold base layer with gold lace or embroidery sewn on to the sleeves, waist, and hem, similiar to what is seen here:

Update on 7/13/2011: As I re-read the ideas I have come up with, I realize that several of them mention a hood with a gryphon and seem to ignore the fact that I was planning to wear a specific hat.  This is what happens when trying to bring too many things into one dress, i think!  For Coronation, I am going to try and have the hat I mentioned, but for later events, to make this more representative of my household, I may wear it with a hood with a gryphon.

In thinking over these ideas for the past several days, I keep coming back to a desire to keep it simple and use a blue short sleeve wool gown over a gold long sleeved base layer.  I haven’t decided yet if I want to have the sleeves end in tippets, or if I want to pair the short sleeves with fancier gold pin on sleeves. Either of these options allows me to later embellish the blue gown with gryphons as time allows, or to pair the gowns with a hood with gryphons, and so this works well as an outfit that can transition into something representative of my household.

Fortunately, I do have some time to decide on the sleeves, and it may depend on if I am inspired by any gold fabrics to turn them into sleeves.  In the mean time, I will begin to work on the pair of gowns in a style similar to that shown in the image below (but potentially without the tippets), and will update as I make progress.

Update 8/16/2011– construction of the underdress:

Similar to the 5/14/2011 gown, this update is to help me remember what pattern I am using and what changes need to be made.  Please see that previous post for more details on the pattern itself and how I currently fit self supportive gowns.

Used pattern from yellow cotton, which was roughly drafted from black wool gown (current favorite of my self supportive fitted gowns) Changed the arm hole based on observations from the purple linen gown.  (Used paper pattern adaption)

Pattern has 1.5 inches seam allowance added to it, but based on mock-up, gown should be sewn with 1 inch seam and then fitted after to be supportive (sewing with 1.5 inches barely fits, so with lacing and fitting, 1 inch should work)

Pattern has no gores, but front and back gores should be added. (Sides gores are accounted for with the extra width built into each panel of the skirt) Gores are cut from 1 yard square piece.

Fabric used: Yellow Linen

Thread for hem and eyelets:


The gores were a bit short on the last few gowns, and so instead of a 36″ square, I used a 48″ square this time.

See the construction of the overdress for detailed description of how the shoulder and armhole were changed.


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