Camp Meal Planning and Preparation….

May 23, 2011 at 5:01 pm (General Info and Tips, Kitchen Planning)

So in addition to the many other things I enjoy doing, I *love* helping out with meal planning and preparation at events!  I have been lucky enough to help with groups as small as about a half dozen to those closer to 30 people for anywhere from day trip events to weekend events, and I’ve decided to take a small section of my blog and devote it to sharing some of those things that have worked really well for me in camp kitchens (and warn you away from those things that have been disasters…)

This section is still very much a work in progress, but hopefully you will soon find menu examples, sample pack lists, shopping lists, recipes, and tips and tricks on how to pick what food to serve and how to get the most out of your budget.  I have heard that meal prep at events can sometimes be a daunting undertaking, and so hopefully these resources will help with better understanding and planning for camp meals.  If nothing else, hopefully some of my stories will provide a good laugh as you envision what happened and make a mental note of the things not to do!

Like any of my other pages, if there’s something that you’re curious about and you don’t see it here, please comment and ask me.  And if you’re embarking on starting your own camp kitchen or even just helping out in a kitchen and want any advice or more details, let me know– I’ll be happy to offer any help I can!

**Added note:  To keep this section in the easiest to read format, I’ve backdated a lot of the posts about specific events– please refer to the post titles for the event/year rather than looking at the date of the post.**


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