Shopping List (Panteria 2011)

May 22, 2011 at 4:50 pm (Kitchen Planning, Panteria 2011)

Edited to Add after the event:  This list was missing one very important item– coffee filters!  One cannot feed a camp of caffeine addicts if there is no coffee, and its very hard to make coffee without the filters!  Fortunately for us, the feast hall was generous and took pity on our sleepy camp by providing a few filters until I could make it to the store!

This is the working version of my shopping list to go with my current menu plans.  I was feeding approx 18 people when all was said and done, and have update the quantities with what was needed.  You’ll notice that some of these items overlap with the standard pack list that I have for the event– as this is the first event of the season, I need to pick up things like aluminum foil and plates/bowls but typically those items just need to be packed from my supplies, not purchase, and so that is why I include them on the packing list.

1 Gallon Milk
1 Large Creamer
2 lbs Butter
1 Box Pancake Mix (approx 4 cups)
3 loaves Bread
40 Hot Dog Rolls
2lbs Pasta
2 large jars Pasta Sauce
2 bags Meatballs
2 loaves Garlic Bread
2 kinds Salad Dressing
1 bottle Mustard
1 bottle Ketchup
1 bottle Relish
1 bottle Mayo
1 large jar Applesauce
2 bags Frozen Veggies
8-10lbs Pork Tenderloin
2 lbs Bacon
2lbs sliced Ham
2lbs American Cheese
1 block Cheddar Cheese
1 block Monterey Jack Cheese
1 large bag Oranges
30 Sausages
2 dozen Eggs
2 bags Tossed Salad
4 gallons Water (Increase this number if the site does not provide water)
5 cylinders Propane
Cooking Spray
Ziploc Bags
Aluminum Foil

1 bottle Apple Cider Vinegar
10lbs of Red Potatoes
Hot Chocolate
Hot Tea
3 Large Containers Lemonade
1 Jar Salsa
2 Variety Packs of Cereal
2 Large Bags of Chips
1 Bag Tortilla Chips
3 Packs of Cookies
2 Boxes of Brownie Mix
1 Box of Crackers
1 Jar of Olives
1 Jar of Pickles
25 Hot Dogs


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